Saturday, January 17, 2009


So America's Best Dance Crew premiered this Thursday... who knew? Apparently FauxVo did. It's snap judgment time!

Strikers All Stars - Nice way to start off the night, very exact choreography. Jury is out (I'm not the biggest step fan, admittedly).

Beat Freaks - Yes! B-girls! A team of B-girls! And they (borrowing show terminology) ripped it.

G.O.P. Dance - I agree with Lil Mama (although she was much more upfront with her disappointment than I would have been... biatch be blunt!) Sigh, I feel like this is an unfortunate name for a crew... G.O.P.? I can't even remember what they said it stood for. Pretty obvious routine for the sudden death.

Quest Crew - Great costumes (although I love purple, it's a little Fall 2008...), very high energy and entertaining.

Fly Khicks - Sexy, but in a competition with a girl team like Beat Freaks... I dunno. I thought their sudden death was much more exciting than their main performance (maybe because G.O.P. Dance went before them and they weren't that hot). Don't see them making it too far, though.

Ringmasters - I don't even know what to think... but holy contortionist hell! I feel like this may wind up more of a novelty than lasting, but, um, yeah, wow, hi.

Boxcuttuhz - This season's Fanny Pak (but not as good)? Mixed genders (though only one girl, and Lil Mama called her out), but they aren't doing B-boy stuff, it's all costumes, props, choreography, and theatricality. With a touch of nerdy.

Dynamic Edition - Hehe! Tap shoes! Clogging! On ABDC!

Team Millennia - Glad they lost out to Fanny Pak last season, but it was fun! Theatrical opening was the best part of me.

Favorites? Beat Freaks and Quest Crew. If everyone keeps up the same level of performance / there aren't any major f*ckups, I'm putting these two in the finals.

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