Thursday, January 22, 2009

Because You Left / The Lie

Well, today was a fickle bitch, as they say.

Thank god for Lost's premiere. And tomorrow morning the Oscar nominations are released! Are work shouldn't be quite so hellish! Yay!

I might even find the time to post final nationals on PIFeedback...

And rewatch Lost because my brain was so fried by the time I got to my friends' viewing party that I was, y'know, watching but not totally mentally on top of everything.

I feel like this season is going to be The Two Towers to next season's Return of the King. Doesn't mean I can't be happily surprised when, say, it turns out that Ms. Hawking ("Flashes Before Your Eyes") might be Daniel Faraday's mother.

I'm digging this season's narrative format that, at least for these two premiere event episodes, followed everyone instead of being centered around a specific character's flash-something. It's pure narrative drive.


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