Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meet Charles Widmore



Goddammit, is it just me or is/has this show somehow been outdoing itself every episode since it came back from the writers strike?


Scripty said...

It's not just you.... OMG SO EFFING GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG yes! I'm loving this show.

Anonymous said...

I think ABC should pull LOM immediately. It's only gonna get uglier next week with a new CSI. I also don't think they should put THE UNUSUALS there. A dense drama does not work after LOST. I think either a lighthearted reality show where you don't have to think ala Project Runway or "THE LOST DISCUSSION GROUP". Damon and or Carlton could offer insight in the ep that just aired with celebrity LOST fans, like Zach Braff, as a guest, and a different LOST cast member could join every week. What do LOST fans do after the show, go online, here they could stay tuned to watch theories being debated. I bet it holds 2/3 of the audience, certainly more than the dramas and it would be cheap to produce.

Travis Yanan said...


The Lost Discussion Group is a great idea! Or maybe encore the 9pm episode with podcast / commentary? Seriously, Lost viewers don't watch anything after the show. They go online and discuss.

The Unusuals is actually a very light show from what I've heard. I haven't seen it, but ABC calls it (gird yourself) "MASH in a New York City police precinct." Serio-comic, I guess, is the tone?