Friday, January 9, 2009

The Shonda Night

Overnights are in for Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice's premiere as lead-in/lead-out.

PP kept 2/3 of GA's ratings. Just like the first repeat did back in December. Which, if it holds true across all demos (like the repeat did), will result in "pretty decent" ratings for the ABC relocation.

Marc Berman's PI Newsletter reminds that this isn't up against original CBS programs... but it WAS on against the BCS Championship Game. Which is much stronger competition than a new CSI and a new Eleventh Hour, even if the football audience is heavily male skewing (CSI/11H are much more male skewing than the ABC shows, too).


So, fast nationals are in and while the 2/3 thing holds approximately true... it's still not positive news because, like Desperate Housewives on Sunday, the December/holiday hiatus hurt GA and it came back below 14 million and at a 5.1 in the demo. Leaving PP at 9 million and a 3.3.

ABC needs new hit shows... stat!

Oh, and 30 Rock (which was new last night along with the rest of the NBC lineup except for The Office) was the highest rated new sitcom on NBC's schedule but the ratings were bad. Why would the Peacock air most of its gender-even/male-skewing comedies (a) against the CBS Championship, and (b) without the flagship show? It makes no sense. Just leave them all in repeats!

Lordy, the only intelligent people at the Big Three seem to be at CBS these days... CBS aired all repeats!

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