Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, Grey's. I've decided to do the live-ish bloggy thing for tonight because it promises to be a Very Special Episode.

Denny is doing the voiceover, talking about heaven, hell, and limbo. Ooh, spooky. Anyway, he keeps badgering Izzie telling her that he's there for her. So, he's pretty much the Angel of Death and I now expect Izzie to die sometime this season. I figure Denny disappears whenever she faces her own mortality, and she's dead ("but we did everything we could") in the season finale. Or sooner, who knows.

Mer calls Bailey in to hint that she's trying to kill the serial killer patient so Bailey's young patient can get his organs because they're a match. Bailey, thank god, calls her on her bullshit (which is only slightly dampened by the promos that show Bailey walking into Derek's surgery on the serial killer begging him to let the guy die... so I guess she comes around).

And, um, Lexie just broke Sloan's penis. That's, um, tight...? ROFL...??

With the way Denny is telling Izzie she doesn't have time to think about anyone but herself... well, I suspect we know what's really up by episode's end.

Love Sara Ramirez. Callie's reaction to Lexie breaking Sloan's, um, bone...r was priceless.

Boring things are going on between Cristina and Major Hottie.

Hey! George gets a scene!

Derek is asking people (namely Cristina) if Mer will like the ring his mother gave him last week. He is so, so, so stupid. I want Cristina and Mer back together, dammit.

Hey! George gets another scene! And there's a patient in the hospital about to die who is not a donor but is a match. Jeez. How lucky! How unlucky, the doting wife (Amy Sloan from Big Shots and her hilarious lazy right eye... sigh, she's so pretty otherwise) won't let George and the Chief harvest her soon-to-die husband's organs.

And Derek puts the ball in Bailey's court, and she tells him to finish his surgery (btw... Derek is such a dick for making her do that).

Dear lord the way the meaning of "I'm here for you" finally dawning on Izzie was so freaking overt.

Is it wrong that I kinda wanted the kid to die? Just to have a horribly bitter ending? Serial killer lives (temporarily), innocent kid dies, Izzie realizes she's dying. Everybody loses! Yay!

At least Chandra Wilson has an Emmy reel.

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Scripty said...

OMG -- that was Amy Sloan!! I totally didn't register that as I was watching. Perhaps I've mentally blocked out all things BIG SHOTS! =)