Friday, January 30, 2009


Tom Zarek's revolution bores me (even if it basically exists solely to make Roslin wake up from her post-Earth-apocalyptic stupor).  I mean, yes, the show has always been about humanity being idiots and frakking themselves.  And they've managed to complete assassinate Gaeta's character (boo, lying to Hoshi).  But at least there was good stuff for Starbuck this week.  Still feel like I missed an episode bridging the gap between the first and second episodes of the season.

Can we please get to Cavil's fleet, an explanation for Starbuck's viper and burnt corpse (with refreshingly untouched hair), and the opera house with Roslin/Boomer/Six?  You know... the things that matter.

Goddamn, Edward James Olmos has presence.

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