Sunday, February 1, 2009


Dude, Will Tippin is hosting SNL next weekend.

Ugh, can't believe they did Laser Cats 4 tonight.  I hate the Laser Cats digital shorts.  The female cast members proclaiming their love for Steve Martin through love standards was funny, and I enjoyed the opening Obama sketch.  Richard Dean Anderson cameo in the MacGruber set from tonight was fun... in the first part.  But the whole Pepsi-sponsored-MacGruber thing was lame (even more than MacGruber usually is).  Abbie Elliot as Angelina Jolie during Weekend Update was amusing... I miss the repartee Seth and Amy had, but yay featured player doing an impression for a character that could continue (where is Casey Wilson's Rachael Ray and Michaela Watkins' Arianna Huffington?)

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