Thursday, February 5, 2009

THR Feed re pilot season

James Hibbard has a truly amusing take on the pilots that have been ordered by the major networks thus far here.

I've read many of these pilot scripts (or drafts of them) and, naturally, have my opinions.  As tomorrow is my last day of work for a little while, I should have plenty of time to, y'know, espouse said opinions.

Just a warning.

In reading (especially loglines) please remember that just because something is unique does not mean it is good.  Or that it will be unique/good for long.  Also, there have been some very entertaining cop-lawyer-doctor shows!  Just because they're part of a mold doesn't mean they're going to suck.

Now, off to writing Paging Doctor Detective McCoy, Esquire...


David said...

I look forward to hearing about these scripts immensely.

TV Mad Man said...

Looking foward to your take on the ALL the scripts you have read. :)