Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2nd 12 of 36

Seacrest is wearing a short-sleeved polo shirt.  I don't understand.  When did this become casual Tuesd--- Wednesday on the main stage?

Um, yes this group has an advantage.  Merely competent or safe ≠ moving onto next round.  Especially if you didn't have screen time before.  I mean, then you kind of just have to be like "I know I'm boned, so I'm going to make the most of this one shot and hope the judges pick me to be in the wild card round.

This week's theme is the Billboard Hot 100.  Did last week have a theme?  Better the semifinals have a theme like this than last season's 60s/70s/80s, since last year every comment was like "not current, dawg."

Jasmine Murray - I kinda expected her to bust out a Beyonce ballad (Randy says Rihanna, but let's be honest, Beyonce's songs are more range-y)?  But don't think Sara Bareilles' "Love Song" is big enough to show off her voice.  But she shows me generally wrong, going on some fun runs and using the stage.  Go, Jasmine!  But, honey, lose the coat.  Hopefully her screentime will get her through because I like this girl.  The young kids, thus far, have not had great song choice.

Matt Giraud - Why is boy not playing the piano on this?  I bet he's got a bang-up, slowed-down, piano-accompanied version of "Viva La Vida" somewhere in him.  He's way too breathy for me.  But I actually understand the lyrics coming out of his mouth, which is something I often don't do with Chris Martin.  Glad he didn't do Justin Timberlake because too obvious... but that probably would've worked better for him.

Wow, two favorites felled by poor song choice.  Apparently the second group of semifinalists did not learn from last week.  Or the first seven seasons of the show.

Jeanine Vailes - One of my "Who dat?" people.  "This Love"?  Really?  This is such a staccato song, but just because a song is your favorite doesn't mean it's appropriate for you.  If you want to sing this kind of song, yeah, sing Rihanna.  Not Maroon 5.  But you know what?  And she's got some great legs.  Yes, Paula.


Nick Mitchell - OMG.  He's performing as Normal Gentle.  I can't handle it.  I just can't.  He is staying.  He's totally through to the next round.  Sanjaya.  SANJAYA!  Well, Tatas didn't get through... a girl can dream.  You know what, this is the judges' faults.  Can this please be the time the producers step in and keep him off (actually I guess if the producers intervene they'd keep him on... buzz buzz buzz).  Nick/Normal/whatever is like the genre-savvy kid who calls everyone on the Starship Enterprise on the sci-fi bullshit.

Allison Iraheta - I love this girl's red hair.  I think it has it's own personality.  Please let her not hall prey to the poor song choices of the other young kids.  OMG.  Heart's "Alone."  YES!  YES!  Even if this song is owned on Idol by Carrie Underwood.  Still, we know the heights the song can soar to.  The first performance of the night as far as I'm concerned.  I'm worried the judges will say it's too old for her?  I'm so glad they didn't.

Kris Allen - Attempting a Michael Jackson song.  Can we get a David Cooke-"Billie Jean" style brillz perf?  Or is this going to be Steven Fowler?  And does anyone know who this kid is (besides being attractive)?  He had one great moment in the middle of song and after that it got better.  I don't think the beginning was as rough as Kara implied.  Simon's comment = wildcard round (I believe the wildcard round is judges picking 9 contestants... not necessarily from the Top 36, and giving them another performance... not sure if the viewers or the judges ultimately decide which three move on from there... give Ricky Braddy from last week another shot, judges!)

Megan Corkrey - She auditioned with and is performing the same genre of song.  OMG, shockingly appropriate choice!  But it's a boring song (and not very range-y)... as catchy as it is.  And I don't think she does as well with it as she should have (not that it was bad, per se).  Megan has no stage presence and NO idea what to do up there behind the microphone.  Paula's right on the Nelly Furtado... similar facial structure.

Matt Breitzke - Tonic's "If You Could Only See."  Well, I love the song itself.  Matt actually sounds kind of similar to Emerson Hart?  This isn't a big, showy song, though.  Matt's got a better voice than this performance.  He's got great pitch, but I didn't get any "wow" here.  Pretty bland.


Jessie Langseth - Her video segment was entertaining.  She's spunky.  I don't have any idea what this song is, which upon investigation on Google, I ought to (even if it predates me).  Honestly, between Jessie and Megan for Little Miss Raspy Voice... I think Megan wins.  Jessie talks back waaaaaay too much (and too much "mm hmm" when she isn't talking).  And she needs Nicole Kidman Forehead Reduction Surgery (yes, yes, I'm a bitch... it's almost 1am and I have three more performances and Lost to get through, then sleep and work in the morning).  Simon saying she has a good voice, and her sucking up to Randy with the Q&A session could give her a chance to follow through on his advice.

Kai Kalama - "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted."  I don't know why I'm saying this now, but none of the contestants this season have attempted reinterpretations (or less-traditional covers) of these songs.  It's karaoke town.  Back to Kai... he's got a totally competent voice.  But, just like Jessie... that song had, maybe, 7 notes he needed to hit.  But, Simon... why would anyone play this song at a wedding?  Maybe a bitter divorcée's settlement party?

Mishavonna Henson - "Drops of Jupiter" by Train.  I can't remember what this girl sang before, but I do know this song has more range than Maroon 5's "This Love" so I'm hoping for better than Jeanine.  Something is up with Mishavonna's facial expressions?  I loved the soft note she injected into a number of the verse lines.  This isn't a blow-me-away, wow-factor, but considering the crapfest tonight has largely been, it's nuanced and entertaining, well... it's still a weird choice.  I don't think this performance was nearly as tragic as the judges have made it seem.  The advice to let loose and have fun is spot on, though.

Adam Lambert (PIMP SPOT!) - I'm so happy Adam has the pimp spot.  As I've said before, he's either going to be glorious or I'm going to extremely sad because he's gone all musical theater over-the-top.  His hair has grown out a lot and even though it's flat-ironed, he looks like he has Hobbit hair in the video segment (I think it's mostly that tuft over his right ear from a full-frontal angle... it's far better once he comes on stage so yay).  "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones.  So, um, did he just make love to the camera?  I think he did.  He's certainly having fun with it.  Goddamn it, I hate tenors and their ability to hit all those high notes.  GOOD LORD, that wasn't even falsetto.  There's a lot of runs.  Perhaps too much?  But I don't think it pushed it into the over-the-top place.  And I disagree with the overly emoed out all-black clothing and ONE FINGERLESS LEATHER GLOVE (and Randy not-quite-namechecks-but-refers-to Pete Wentz, Edward Cullen, and Gerard Way... yeah).  Well, I guess that answers the question of whether there's going to be a standout performance in this round... go, Adam!

Top Female: Allison Iraheta

Top Male: Adam Lambert

Next best... well, we all know Nick Mitchell is getting through... but this is a tough one otherwise.  I'd have gone with Kris Allen and either Megan Corkrey or Mishavonna Henson (who I didn't hate like the judges seemed to even though their comments weren't really about singing ability or even singing the song, but it being the wrong song and her not showing the right personality).  Kris would be my first choice of those in the case of Nick not making it through.

Thus far the show has really utilized the pimp spot to feature the best of the bunch... and they've both been guys.  Can we switch it up next week and get a girl in the pimp spot?  Lil Rounds?

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