Sunday, February 15, 2009

200 pounds of cheese

That cheese challenge might just be the most amusing thing since Charla was in a knight's costume walking horses in The Amazing Race All-Stars.

I like that The Amazing Race and American Idol are both featuring deaf contestants.

I missed the first 18 minutes of the show (including commercials, so really just the introductions and the first airport segment since teams were already divided in Switzerland).  Thank you, Time Warner Cable.

Also missed: The Simpsons' first HD broadcast with new opening (I'll catch it on hulu, but... sigh).  WTF, TWC?  Seriously, you recorded United States of Tara at 7pm.  You weren't off.  You weren't recording anything else.  You just decided to not record the two programs at 8pm I have series passes for (TAR is set to record next week... so, yeah, I don't get it).

Not.  Cool.

UGH!  And Family Guy, which has been in repeats for, like, years, wasn't going to record!  I caught it in the middle of the opening theme.  Jeez, this is disturbing...

Meanwhile, Desperate Housewives was recording as expected.

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Zedman2 said...

YouTube - The Simpsons - NEW Main Title