Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smokezilla's Back!

How much have we missed the monster?  How much?  Especially after Ben sicked it on the militant Freighter people to, like, no avail.


And how much do we want it to kill blond French dude who said Nadine, as a woman, probably ran off from the group chasing a butterfly she saw?

But slowly.  Let us savor the kill.  Yes.  Good, Smokey.


Suck it, Lacombe (?)

This is why Jin is awesome.  He can barely speak English (though it's totally gotten better!) but he doesn't need a physicist to tell him he's traveling through time.

Oh, shiz, we're when the Others came to take Alex from Danielle.  Shiz.  And the sickness is apparently the monster and not some actual contagion like what's making Charlotte and Miles and Juliet's noses bleed.  How did Robert know the monster was a security system guarding the temple (oh, and it specifically guards the temple?)

This episode is too good to keep going "oh, shiz!" to.  Must pay attention.  Night, interwebz.


Le Scripty said...

I am sad I have no more hot French studs to look at... :-(

But the show is so KICK ASS this season, that makes up for it!

Anonymous said...


any word if ABC pulled LIFE ON MARS yet? Can you post at PI Feedback. Thanks