Friday, February 13, 2009

The Return of Izzie Stevens

So, yadda yadda yadda Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover.  Y'know what I liked the most about the GA episode?  The Izzie Stevens story.  I know, shut up.  But that was a return to why we fell in love with Izzie in the first place.  She's cheerful and amusing and does glittery art projects that have a point.  Why did that character go away for the first half of this season to have sex with Ghost Denny?  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  But, of course, that story is continuing because we get bookend reminders from Karev that Izzie is not fine even though she insists she is.

Are we shocked that the "Doomsday Sucker" surgery that the patient begged Derek to perform that night went wrong (considering the Archer Montgomery surgery, essentially, went miraculously)?  Yes, because it didn't go wrong.  Why didn't it go wrong?  Hello?  Old Grey's Anatomy totally wouldn't have let that surgery go so smoothly.  Oh, wait!  It did!  Yay!


Anonymous said...

do you know hyw ABC scheduled GREYS and PP reruns for March 5th -the 1st night of Sweeps?

Travis Yanan said...


My assumption is that the producers and network figured it was more important to get the crossover event done early in PP's post-GA run, rather than wait until "February" sweeps starting March 5th, and because of production and post schedules, new episodes won't be ready for early March.

Honestly, I think it was a good call, as the crossover has paid off in ratings gold (we'll see next week, and I think there's new GA/PP on February 26, which would be a night without a crossover). Also, GA was dropping viewers after the December hiatus, going back to repeat hiatus after a couple January airings wouldn't have been a good idea.

DWTS returns March 9th... is there new GA/PP on March 12th? They may be thinking missing out on the first Thursday of sweeps in order to make sure that the first full week of sweeps (March 9-March 15) is full of originals.

But, mostly... shrug!

Anonymous said...

No Feb 26th is reruns as well, it's 2 weeks of reruns (at least). Here's what I am thinking , maybe they are trying to be in orginals from April 9th until season finales . April 9th is when SOUTHLAND and HARPER'S ISLAND premiere. It's just a guess. Do you know if PP is adding to its 22 ep order and if GREYS is adding to its 24 ep order. PP will air its 17th ep this week. That would technically leave only 4 more the rest of the season.

DO you think ABC will pull LOM before next WED - come on a 1.6 out of a 4.4. It's not gonna get better. Thanks for the response. Mike

Travis Yanan said...

Hm. Stupid. Leave it to the scheduling monkeys at ABC to sit its big Thursday shows out all of "February" sweeps and completely lose out on the crossover momentum (though, I guess next week's PP is non-crossover, but it might as well be one because GA is crossover). GA is new on 2/26, too (but that's per not the most trusty of sources).

I suspect PP's order has quietly been upped to 23 or 24 to match GA's airing schedule (though I suspect PP will have its finale a week before GA, and GA will have a 2-hour finale).

Anonymous said...


GA and PP are reruns on feb 26th ( must be wrong) they are new next week and then off for 2 weeks(feb 26th and march 5th). I assume the remaining 3 sweeps weeks are new, but that's why I was asking you. If Greys does a 2 hour finale then they might increase to 25 hours, I am thinking.

Usually you have scoop on ABC, so I was wondering if you knew. Thanks


Travis Yanan said...

Not in this case. Sorry, Mike!

FYI, thefutoncritic has GA/PP in reruns on 2/26, but new on 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, and 3/26 (which will DEFINITELY be new because that's the night of the In the Motherhood premiere)

Zedman2 said...

Today's ABC press release has GA and PP as repeats on Mar 5th. What is interesting LOST originally not scheduled to air on Mar 4 but now will be airing a new episode.