Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crossover time

Lol, Mode magazine in Grey's Anatomy.  I didn't know this was an Ugly Betty crossover, too!

Y'know, I'm actually enjoying the Grey's part thoroughly (minus Derek = idiot re still not having proposed and Izzie trying to administer whatever test on herself post long-delayed realization something wrong with her... honestly the show could will Derek, Izzie, and George off in one fateful car accident and I'd be just dandy)... I'm gonna shut up and watch (unless I really have something ) say).  I don't expect the crossover to really begin until the last moments of Grey's anyway.

Hey, Kevin McKidd's a series regular now!

Introducing Peds to the show has helped immensely (not to mention giving Bailey a lot to play with).  Hard to not care when it's a little kid's life at stake.  And Jessica Capshaw is a hoot!

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