Monday, February 2, 2009

Chuck 3D / Heroes Vol. 4

Chuck - The most "meh" episode of the season as far as, well, comedy and drama goes, but the visual gimmick was fun... but count me happy to take those damn glasses off!  This was as good a "restatement of the show's premise in a fun, easy to get into way" as possible given the day-after-Super-Bowl airing.  Still... disappointed in the episode (compared to the rest of this season, which has been awesome).

Heroes - Shut up, I know.  I, too, was suckered in by promise of a reboot even though we all knew that Bryan Fuller doesn't have anything to do with the first five episodes of this arc.  Not that I expect his presence behind the scenes to make much of a difference.  Let's just say this entire episode was straight from Joseph Campbell's monomyth with countless characters denying their, er, heroic nature.  But I have to ask... if Nathan's plans are, in fact, insidious, WHY abduct Peter and put him in the same place with a bunch of other "extraordinaries"?  And, Peter, if you're on a plane that's crashing and you previously had the power of flight and just absorbed Mohinder's super-strength (he still had this?) shouldn't you fly out of the plane and stop it from crashing?  Just saying, Superman would totally do it.  Also, Peter, WHY ARE YOU SUCH AN IDIOT?  In short, boring.  The only real fun to be had in the episode was Sylar taking down Nathan's goons.  Someone wake me up if/when this series gets better or is cancelled.


Sigh, going to have to wait until tomorrow to watch BBT/HIMYM/House.  Damn you, DVR only being able to record two things at once!


Scripty said...

Heroes... putting the "boo" in reboot!

Big. Fat. Meh. =)

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