Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wish I Hadn't Watched Caprica Before Watching the Rest of BSG

Just saying.  Should've known better.  Not that there were spoilers (er, thus far) in Caprica.  But with the information revealed on tonight's BSG, my impression of Caprica would've been different (certainly my assumptions and impressions would have been).

Anyway, tonight's BSG was super fun and expository and all of a sudden the numbers assigned the various Cylon models make sense (why was there a Number 8 if there were only 7 numbered models?)

Interesting that the colonies were able to develop FTL drives, but the Kobol tribe that went to Earth were able to develop resurrection and NOT faster-than-light travel...

Cavil is an annoying, whiny bitch.

I will get around to writing a Caprica review one of these days (as well as writing pilot script reviews).

End transmission.

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