Thursday, February 26, 2009

6 of 12

Yay!  OMG I'm so shocked that America didn't put Nick through but GO AMERICA!  YES, WE CAN HAS!  And, yay, my non-Nick #3 made it through, too!  I'm actually 6 for 12!  Woot!

Meanwhile, I'm stepping away from my ZOMG over Adam Lambert.  Girlfriend needs to step away from the overdone, Christina Aquilera-esque runs during his performances (as impressed as we are that he's got those pipes) and SING A F***ING MELODY.  And stop mugging for the camera.  During the group sing... oh, man, it was just Mug City.  And the "Yayz, Iz in teh Top 12, lulz" repeat of "Satisfaction"... come on, man!  Love that they made him sweat it out against Nick, who I think we can agree, people seriously thought was gonna squeak through as a spoiler.  Really looking forward to him singing something Bowie or Aerosmith

How awkward for Alexis, Danny, and Michael to sit through the whole show on those bar stools...

Of this group, I am hoping Megan and Jessie get a wildcard shot.  Maybe Matt Giraud.  Maybe Mishavonna.  Interesting... the "hot girl with mediocre (by finalist standards) voice" category is NOT getting through in the new format.

Kris' reaction to getting in won me over (but calling this group of semifinalists the best group... I question your taste, sir!)  And, like Michael Sarver last week, his moving-on-up performance is superior to the vote-for-me performance (he fixed the beginning pitch issues, IMHO).

Hey!  It's a retrospective of Idol-crowning moments... and here's Brooke White! (or should that be "and here's Brooke White...?")  Yay, she didn't start over ;)  I always felt Brooke was last season's "should be playing small venues of her own singer-songwriter music, but her range is way too narrow for this show" contestant.  This song is very smooth, and I love that she connects with it emotionally (hint, hint, this season's contestants... don't just sing technically, sing emotionally).

Next week... Lil Rounds owns the stage, Ryan makes us all feel awkward when he talks to Scott MacIntyre, and we all get so over Nathaniel "DRAMZ QUEEN" Marshall.

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