Monday, February 2, 2009


When did Blair Waldorf become such a f***ing idiot?

Seriously, I think that the first 55 minutes of this episode were some of the worst episode the has done since the not-yet-addictive early days (IMHO, everything pre-"Hi, Society").  The characters are doing things that make no sense, even in heightened, campy, teen soap world.

And the Chuck story?  WTF?  I guess it's setting up a new long-arc storyline/mystery about Bart, but boy was that clumsy.

Meanwhile... finally, Dan and Serena are DUNZO.  God, I hate Lonely Boy.  He's such a dick.  But I'm suddenly giving a crap about Rachel Carr...

But, seriously, after all her dealings with the Chuck Basses of the world, Blair let herself get (almost) taken down by this young, wide-eyed ingenue teacher?  Really?  REALLY?

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