Thursday, January 29, 2009

Britney Spears Week on ABDC!

So excited for this.

Beat Freaks - Damn, they're doing choreography to "Womanizer"!  Haven't seen a single B-girl move yet. That they can be so sultry while doing choreography in addition to their usual stuff... wow, this is why they're gonna last much longer than Fly Khicks.  DAMN.  I love that Lil Mama associates "classy" with "Womanizer".  Oh, JC, please don't try and create new slang.  "Crispy" is never going to happen.

Strikers All Stars - "Gimme More"... what, no striptease?  Great prop, though (it rotates!)

Side note... wow, viewers do not love Team Millennia... in the bottom two again!

Dynamic Edition - Doing "Stronger," which is totally Britney's first SEX BOMB video (thank you, director Joseph Kahn... also, thank you for "Toxic" and "Womanizer" :D) Good lord, my eyes cannot keep up with the cloggers' feet.

Side note... Ringmasters are in the bottom two.  No way Lil Mama lets them go home unless they give a severely bad performance.  Buh bye, Team Millennia.

Quest Crew - "Toxic" (nah nah nah nah).  With blindfolds.  Them boys know how to dance (and with their hips).  Just sayin'.  And that move at the end by Ryan (that was like a banana kick but he ends up on his back... on purpose and with control)?  Wowza.

Fly Khicks - "... Baby One More Time".  Unfortunate for them because they've already been criticized for being too cheerleader.  Which, um, hi?  There was something off at the beginning, but they got in step.  Somehow... not as sexy as Beat Freaks.  Also, is that dance move really called "the Single Ladies"?  Guess I didn't consider the heels.  Meh.

Team Millennia - "Me Against The Music".  God I hate this song.  Nice shout out to the Britney/Madonna kiss at the 2003 VMAs at the end.  They hit the choreography, but you expect them to.  Hm.

Ringmasters - "Circus".  Yeah, well they're gonna have to dance to this, aren't they?  They didn't have to use props.  But, wow.  There's a lot of wow in this performance, especially the opening.  Only issue I have is that there was a section where the choreography was all in their hands... they weren't moving their feet.

Color me unshocked (but also pleased) with the results.  My guess is Fly Khicks and Dynamic Edition for the bottom two next week.

Ultimate, my expected Top 3 doesn't change... Beat Freaks, Quest Crew, and Strikers All Stars

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