Monday, January 12, 2009

Elsewhere on FOX

Damn you, Fox.

First you move Bones to Thursdays.

Then President Bush wants to make a farewell speech so you postpone the premiere.

Then you make it a two-episode premiere meaning I have to choose between 9pm Bones and Grey's Anatomy for the second tuner while the first on my DVR records The Office/30 Rock.

Then I see that thanks to American Idol and the NAACP Awards the show is essentially going to air a new episode every other week and be preempted the weeks in between (Bones two-hours on 1/22, Idol on 1/29, Bones on 2/5, NAACP on 2/12, Bones on 2/19 and 2/26, Idol on 3/5). Stability: Impossible.

Haven't you done enough f*cking with this show yet?


It is(/was) a stable, mid-sized utility player that attracted 10 million viewers on Wednesdays and was (easily) winning its timeslot in the the demo. You have no idea how it's going to perform on Thursdays without the above maddening preemption schedule.


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