Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, thank god for ad-supported streaming. Watching the last 14 minutes of Lost now (only 14 minutes of show, so take that, 7 minutes of ads).

Wow, the show actually took an entire scene to recap the events (mostly just the outcome) of "Eggtown", passing the info onto Jack. Shine a light on it, much? But it's nice that people are asking questions of other Lostaways.

Juliet reaches The Tempest, pulls out a gun, walks in. Flashback to Ben. OMG, it's so hilarious to see the excited puppy dog look on his face, especially considering how gangrene he's looking in present day Island events. So cute/awkward! OMG, mention of the two tail section kids who were Othernapped. OMG, Goodwin stayed behind with the tail people to make a case to bring Ana Lucia over to the Others (remember all of that hot, steamy Unresolved Sexual Tension? Goodwin a playa, man). Ben says that Goodwin's assignment will be over soon like he has charted out the exact moment of his death. GIVE MICHAEL EMERSON THE EMMY.

Daniel confuses me with his genuinely confused/concerned "Juliet, what're you doing here?" when she points a gun at him. Take Charlotte out first, girlfriend! Where is that bitch, anyway? See, that sucked. Now I don't like Charlotte. Hitting my girl with a lead pipe (can there PLEASE be a Lost-based edition of Clue? In the Swan, with a falling Nigerian drug plane, by Mr. Green) But Juliet is scrappy and we get Juliet-involved-cat-fight number two. Though the Kate/Juliet mud bowl was more fan service-y, since Charlotte is wearing her hazmat suit.

Wait, is that how Ben killed the Dharma people? Wow, I liked "Man Behind the Curtain" but I totally didn't remember that. Brainfart. And if that's really what Daniel/Charlotte were doing there, then maybe there's really is some further connection between Widmore and Dharma, outside of fanboard speculation. So it looks like Daniel succeeded in making the gas inert. My problem: WHY NOT TELL EVERYONE THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE DOING? I mean, yeah, they'd be suspicious of you... but Jack would totally have let them go / gone with them to do it. And why'd they have to bludgeon Kate (yes, she deserved it for being an idiot/herself).

Flashback to Juliet telling Ben about Jack being a spinal surgeon who could help him, then Ben takes Juliet to see Goodwin's impaled corpse. Love is in the air! Why is Ben so shocked that ANYONE would ask him "why"? I think I'd asked Ben "why" a lot. Ben's "you're mine" is CREEPTASTIC. No wonder she was so eager to get out from under his thumb.

Juliet says Daniel and Charlotte are on their side. Kate is angry and gun-pointing. I, too, want Charlotte to explain why Kate had to be knocked unconscious. Just for shits and giggles. Kate wants answers, Jack is going to take Charlotte's word for it. You idiot. No wonder we never get answers. Jack doesn't ask questions / doesn't want answers. He wants alone time with Juliet! More with the creepy... Juliet saying Ben is going to win the war with the boat people. And Juliet admitting her feelings for Jack! Isn't this, like, two months after that scene with her crying over Goodwin? OMG, Jack and Juliet are so hot. As is Jack's "he knows where to find me". But what of Kate inside the Tempest? Why did Charlotte bludgeon her?

But instead we cut to the Barracks where Hurley and Sawyer see Ben walking freely (and he says "see you guys at dinner"... have we said how much we love it?) So, this hearkens back to Ben's whole "they'll start questioning your decisions" bit from early in the episode, right?

And, goddammit, they've managed to stave off another week without saying that Michael is Ben's man on the boat is (but I guess Locke knows now).

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