Friday, March 21, 2008

Meet Kevin Johnson, etc etc etc

Probably the most straight forward episode of Lost ever. I dunno if my mind is blown, but I am satisfied with the explanation, the how, the why, and the when of Michael being on the boat. Not sure how I feel about the cliffhanger. Who gives a fig about Karl (who was wearing a shirt that I own when he died... I don't think it was available in 2004, so... boo urns)? The French Woman, though... that's another one of those "you killed Libby and I'm pissed off" deaths (if she is dead). Nice to see Libby for two brief flashes in tonight's episode, bthew. For both of them, I feel their stories weren't fully told. Libby, especially. She was the tailie that viewers liked, never got a flashback, and she was just offed. Danielle has been a part of Lost since the pilot, really, and was very prevalent in the first season... she's never gotten a flashback, either, and that's sad because she surely had an interesting story to tell from her pre-Island life. Anyway.

Make Me A Supermodel! Yay, Ronnie survives again. Naomi Campbell shows up and doesn't throw her cell phone at any of them. Sad day. The photo shoot has nudity, and was it just me, or did the show forget to blur Holly's areolae? That photoshoot was fierce. No, it was a hot mess. Tranny! Look, Christian's here! Fierce! Holly needs to stop referring to killing squirrels in her confessionals. Christian (yes, Christian) tells Ronnie to be more straight. I know he was talking about where Ronnie looks when he gets to the end of the catwalk, but... hilarity. OMG, Holly's second look is literally the purple and pink version of one of Christian's finale looks (the mixture of mocha and cafe ruffles, not the couture gown, but the cocktail dress, I guess you might call it... only, now it's PINK AND PURPLE). Girl, you better work!

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who said Rousseau was dead? I know I didn't see any blood!