Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tonsil Trouble

AIDS was proclaimed funny by South Park six seasons ago. And now they infect Cartman with it. How are they gonna pull a rabbit out of their asses on this one...? I agree with Kyle. That's funny. Oh my god. Cartman just snuck into Kyle's room in the middle of the night, took some of his own blood, and poured it into Kyle's mouth. That's awful in the way only South Park can get away with and still have it be funny. And now a doctor is asking Kyle if he's been having unprotected anal sex. Love. It. Oh my god, this episode is brilliant. I have no idea how they back out of it, but oh my god. "If you don't find a cure for HIV, I will break your XBox." Hah! So much Kyle vs Cartman violence. Yes! Yesssss!!!!

Eh, the resolution wasn't that great.

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