Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy Thursday

So, there's a lot of stuff going on in Travis' real life. Exciting, work-related stuff that I can't go into for the sake of my beloved anonymity. Posting will hopefully continue regularly with my oft-banal, occasionally-insightful thoughts on the TV I watch.

Anyway. This isn't a personal blog. On with the watch.

Make Me A Supermodel - Casey's gone. I'm surprised, I thought Ben was gonna bite it. Eh. Whatever. OMG, there's actual follow-up to the Perry's girlfriend tabloid story from last week. Follow-up! Anyway, the models go to Nawlins! And I'm almost certain that Ben is going to be cut this week because, well... compared to the remaining four wannamodels? Not so good. But, hey, he just smacked Perry in the nuts, so that's extra points. So, um, why is Perry talking smack about his girlfriend? He doesn't know it's true. The story was in a tabloid. Models are idiots, yo. Love the gothic photoshoot. So camp. Goth Drama Catwalk... Caridee did it better in the ANTM Cycle 7 finale. Blarg, Ronnie, not Ben is up for the vote. How about some good old All-American photoshoot next week (if he stays, which he should) instead of something that smacks of "not up his alley"?

Reaper - Oh, the first of the dreaded three strike episodes that were, like, rewritten by the Mark Gordon Company or something instead of by the writers... I've heard this is the better of the three... which means I'm dreading the next two weeks, but am watching out of solidarity to good friends who thankfully have jobs for a little while since CW ordered a few more episodes. This is the first episode to air since my cable provider added CW in HD... the difference is amazing. Visually, the show is so much more watchable (infinitely so). That was the worst editing of a cannibal eating someone's hand I've ever seen, though. I mean... not even blink and you miss it. They just didn't show it, or imply it strongly enough for you to get what happened until Jamie Kennedy screamed "my hand!" Maybe it was a Standards & Practices thing... anyway, it'll be interesting to see if there's good crossover audience with Smallville (and how the show fares against Lost). Speaking of...

... I'll post about Lost when I watch it again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

did you see the guy bump up against jin, causing jin to drop his cell phone? I think THAT is what sends people to another time... it happened to Desmond, too, when he was in the army, right after he made a call from the pay phone. the guy who came out bumped him and whoosh he was on the boat (or somewhere else). Anyway, that bumping guy has the powers. I think.