Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top 8 Men

Luke: Eh. But yay, starting with a song I know (well).

David A: Not as good as last week. But when you do what the judges described as "one of the best performances ever on the show" you're probably not going to supersede that mark the next week.

Danny: Won me over with his "hn" to Ryan when Ryan said that he hadn't noticed the purple streaks in Danny's hair. The performance wasn't good, but bitch won me over.

David H: Most embarrassing moment is something about a booger during a photoshoot (how bourgeois). How about the media frenzy about him being employed as a stripper at a gay club? I know they're not kicking him off the show for that, but... yeah, I don't buy it. Performance was good at the beginning, it got pitchy towards the end.

Michael: Great song for him, he got to do some rocking out. I wonder if he's capable of standing remotely still on stage. He'll need to if he wants to go in a soul-ish direction.

David C: Best of the night so far. I would've never known that it was a Lionel Richie song is Randy hadn't said so (not a Lionel fan).

Jason: Yay, no guitar! He is an entirely different person on the stage than he is in his video packages (which suck and make him seem like a complete stoner). I like what he did with the song with the second part when he started syncopating a bit and going off melody. The low notes were out of his range, and there was no power note... so it was, indeed, mellow. The judges say it has a high degree of difficulty... what was it? Breaking into falsetto? Shrug. I guess I missed it. I mean... it was on pitch the whole time, it was controlled... but I didn't see anything brilliant about it besides the fact that the song itself is brilliant.

Chikezie: I agree with Simon.

Bottom 2: A surprisingly strong showing from the guys (probably because the guys have actually heard the bulk of the songs they had to choose from, so could make better choices). Luke is obviously gone. Danny might be gone, too, because his was the second weakest performance. I dunno, though. David H? Chikezie?

BTW, sorry I haven't been posting (there was the whole Sarah Connor Chronicles finale thing... which, a day later, I really, honestly can't remember what happened, but I know that I've gotten steadily colder towards the series). I've been writing, y'know, for the profession.

PS - Yay, Paula's off her meds!

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