Thursday, March 6, 2008

Down to 12

It was a mistake to bring Blake Lewis back to perform on the Idol stage. The male contestants this season are so much more talented than he is from a simple vocal perspective. Although he does differentiate himself / keep himself ultra-modern with the human-beatboxing (and I am a fan of "Break Anotha")... it's painfully, glaringly obvious how not up to par he would've been this season (and he made the finales...) Which is exciting!

Skipping ahead to the "good" stuff...

Top 6 Guys: Chikezie, David A, David C, David H, Jason, Michael
Top 6 Girls: Amanda, Brooke, Carly, Kristy, Ramiele, Syesha
See You on America's Got Talent?: Kady (what, she does great impressions... even as a robot)
Never To Be Heard From Again: Asia'h, Danny, Luke

Well, there goes the best chance in a while for Idol having an openly gay finalist (in Danny). Miss you, bitch!

So. Is this the most talented Top 12? I think it might be. There's actually some good variety in the voices (especially the guys, from soul to R&B to rock). I don't see Amanda going too far because she hasn't got the range of the other girls... but I've thrilled she's in the final stretch. Kristy has to step it up because at the moment she's Token Hot Girl, but we do know she can sing.

I'll reiterate my interest in a David A vs Carly finals. But I don't know if Carly's going to make it that far, because she hasn't gotten her "wow" yet with a perfect song choice. I really think David A has no competition but himself as far the guys go (not that this is going to go on gender lines any longer).

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