Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boo urns

I had a post, but it was eaten. Sad day.

Anyway, HIMYM good, but more b/c of Chalke that Spears. Lots of fun "Your Mother" jokes in the headlines.

David C was the best on Idol, he doesn't have the best voice by far, but he absolutely shines when he takes a classic song and does a completely different version, like tonight's "Billie Jean" and two weeks ago on "Eleanor Rigby". A lot of "eh" performances, including KLC's pandering (but still brilliant) song choice... but she was definitely the best she's been in weeks and weeks. Either Ramiele or Jason go home on Wednesday if the performance is the true judge... and I think between those two, it'll be Jason.

Travis is busy. Posting will be increasingly less frequent and detailed.

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