Monday, March 17, 2008

... scripted television...?

It's here! It's here! It's here!

Anyway. I cannot tell you how excited I am for the new episode of How I Met Your Mother, and how much I'm barely containing myself that there's a new Big Bang Theory (but less excited about BBT... I still haven't been completely sold yet, but... new!)

Also I decided to record Dancing With The Stars and watch it for the first time pretty much ever (instead of the better-than-expected, but DOA-rated Canterbury's Law) because I'm really, really curious to see Monica Seles dancing skillz. But I won't bore you with extended thoughts about that.

HIMYM: Kind of sad that we basically skip right from Slapsgiving 2007 to St. Patty's Day 2008.... but it can't be helped. Better that the show write to when it's airing. Anyway... yellow umbrella alert! I think it's very important they included that bit in this episode, because it's both been awhile since the last new episode, and it's been a while since we've really heard about Ted's quest for the Mother. The third season had to deal with the Robin breakup fallout, so the Mother got a little lost. Anyway. Funny so far. BTW, did we know that NPH is going to be the villain singing in a 30 minute Joss Whedon internet musical? OMG, the DoWiSeTrePla apartment is crooked. Hilarious. No tomorrow!! "We can't raise our kids here, they'll grow up slanted." Apartment roller-luge. Love that Marshall sets Ted back down the straight and narrow... but the "this is how it really happened" has been done by the show before. Wish they hadn't gone back to that for the first post-strike episode. The episode was one "Jerry Seinfeld/Ted Mosby goes to the pier and runs, scaring a bunch of pigeons" short of brilliant. Love that the whole crooked apartment thing was an excuse to keep Marshall and Lily living with Ted for the time being. Actually kinda really smart.

BBT: Sigh. I love Leonard and Sheldon. I really can't stand their two friends most of the time. I've tried to enjoy them, but it's just too much at times (at a lot of the times). The stuff that does work in this show is Leonard and Sheldon's nerd in-fighting, and the influence of Penny on the both of them (Sheldon-robot, Leonard-nebbish). I think I laughed more during this than HIMYM, but I enjoyed HIMYM more.

Monica Seles is hot. I just wish she were dancing tonight so I could find out if she grunts doing the pasodoble like she did when she hit backhands.

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