Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday Night Reality TV

Hahah, Jim Carrey is wearing a Horton costume during Idol. Oy. Vey.

Anyway. Top Model had an interesting challenge this week. Changing locales to NYC has brought the show some respectable clients! I mean... two real fashion shows in three weeks (instead of on a sound stage and Tyra et al are the only people watching). Anyway, my viewing buddy and I can practically write the show (we love that Claire is dominating the Cover Girl of the Week thing like Heather did last cycle). Buh-bye, Amis.

Top Chef - I disagree with my viewing buddy about this one. I like Ryan. He's not the brightest bulb, it would seem, but I could *watch* him on the show. Thankfully he wasn't the cheftestant chopped this week (good riddance to boring Nimma!) My viewing buddy and I were both in love at first sight with the winning Duck Breast and Duck Egg Roll dish. And we think that Spastic McSpazzy (Andrew? You know the one we mean) is gonna crack. Soon. And how awesome is it that there's a lesbian couple on the show? That's gotta be awkward for whoever shares the room with them...

American Idol - Skipping the fat (aka the first 60 minutes)... Bottom 3 (see, I totally forgot that it was the Bottom 3 at this point in the show... here I am saying the worst / worst two performances....) are Syesha, Kristy Lee, and David H. Oh, and SexPot McPhee performed (with David Foster!? Holy crap!!) How'd she get on the show? Didn't her label drop her? Also, how did Ruben get the new "goodbye" song, didn't his label drop him? Also that song staaaaanks. Okay, I'm kind of surprised that David H got sent home.


Ipty-Scray said...

<< Also that song staaaaanks. >>

I disagree -- me likes the Ruben Studdard cover! Plus I like the positive connotation, unlike "Bad Day." Celebrate me home... i.e. celebrate my accomplishments while I was here. A kinder, gentler Idol! (Also conveyed by the new process of having those in the bottom 3 perform, so they don't have to sing their swan song after they've been told "America hates you and wants you gone." ;-)

David Dust said...

"Spastic McSpazzy" Andrew - I refered to him as "Douchy McDouchebag" (among other things).

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