Thursday, March 6, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

Maybe this will help CALM MY RAGE.

Frankie's gone. Yes, that helps. A little. Not much.

Seething. Anger.

It's Niki Taylor's birthday and the models are writing a song for her. No, Perry, that's not the best present ever because it's going to suck. It's inevitable. And it's awful. Awful. This is NOT HELPING.

Breathe. Look, Project Runway behind the scenes clips! Unseen material! That's helping. It really is. I need my fierceness back. Also... I can't wait to hear the words "utensils down" on Wednesday.

Hahah, Ben/Ronnie tease. Only on Bravo (or possibly Showtime).

This is actually a fairly innovative challenge, I think. The models are going to be walking around Bloomingdale's selling the clothing they're wearing, basically, and they have to know who they're wearing, what they're wearing, the price, and then they're going on a go-see. I've never eaten in the Bloomie's cafe... does this actually happen? They send models out to sell you shit while you eat or something? Awkward, yo.

So, Casey's not in the final video lookbook, and Ben's not doing the store challenge. I smell two of the bottom three (despite Casey's co-win in the challenge)!

Holly: Stunning.
Shannon: She puts the "b" in subtle / has the personality of a blueberry scone. But hawt.
Perry: Still arrogant.
Casey: Not ready for this job.
Ben: Gone. Gone gone gone.
Ronnie: Squee (but the first walk was so robot butler...)

So what's this big to do with Perry GF? They've been running ads about some Britney Spears scandal. I don't read the National Enquirer (are we shocked?) but according to that reputable news source, Britney's paparazzi boy friends was cheating on Brit Brit with Perry's GF. Um... this seems like non-drama to me. Did Perry even know about it before she called? No. Obviously not a huge media storm.

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