Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Other Woman

Juliet flashback. Anyway. Look, Sun and Jin are in this episode!

Ooh, pouring rain and Island jungle whispers! And maybe a Smoke Monster shapeshifted version of the Other psychologist (Harper) from the flashback? Man, I'm so eager for the show to explain WTF the random people popping up out of nowhere in the jungle are.

Hm, apparently she's not a vision (er, maybe) because Ben (I suspect it's not Ben, but the Island itself a la Locke's vision of Walt) sent her to tell her where the two missing boat people are going (The Tempest... another Dharma station?) Um... to deploy gas? To wipe out the people on the Island? ZOMG? And, apparently, Jack can see the psychologist woman... and the woman can disappear. Totally the Island and not Ben (although, from "Eggtown", it's not a leap to believe that Ben is where he wants to be). Maybe we're going to find out about why the Island and hatches were all quarantined way back when (since we know it wasn't some gas that killed Dharma, but Ben and the native Others).

The Tempest is an electrical station that powers the Island. BTW... Jack and Juliet? So much hotter than Jack and Kate. Just saying.

And Kate randomly stumbles on the errant Daniel and Charlotte? Hm. Bullshit meter. I don't like pure coincidence on my Lost. There should've been some plot / scenes with Kate earlier. Episode probably ran long. Still, I love that Daniel and Charlotte are not the experienced liars we've grown accustomed to on this show... even Kate saw through that shit. Although how she didn't see that Charlotte was gonna bludgeon her... well, it's Kate. She gets a free pass (fail?)


Insert medical explanation of the death rate of Island pregnancies. And it's only on-Island conception. Why was birthing Aaron such an issue?

Why is it a problem that Juliet knew Goodwin? Hahah, the therapist thinks that Juliet is sleeping with Goodwin. WHAT? SHE WAS? OMG. The title "The Other Woman" has two (and possibly more) meanings? When was the last time they did that on this show? BTW, I think it would've been awesome if Michelle Forbes had played Harper. Meanwhile, apparently Ben has a hard-on for Juliet (if I've understood the implication).

Claire... makes a good point...? YES, I WANT TO KNOW WHOSE BOAT IT IS. Ben is still rereading Valis? Come on. Bwahaha, Ben asks if the rabbit he was given to eat had a number on it. Love. It. Meanwhile, Locke says they're running out of chickens... so both chicken and eggs? I'd starve. When's the next Dharma supply pallet gonna get airdropped in? Sigh. How much do we love Ben? How much? Especially when he's talking with Locke.

Dear show. Please stop cutting out of scenes / to commercial right after enticing vagaries like "not them, the one they work for". And while I do want Ben to show me whose boat it is... why can't he just tell me now? Damn you, show.

It seems like a poor choice to sleep with another woman's wife when you're basically trapped on an island. And to be the cheating husband. Especially on this Island. Just saying.

See, this is why the flashbacks can still work. Goodwin asks Juliet what Ben is going to do to him/them if he finds out they're continuing the affair and gets all jealous. Cut to the view of Oceanic 815 ripping apart in the sky from the Barracks. And Ben sends Goodwin to the tail section. Where he dies. Boo to the ya. It's just so cool that they can add these amazing relationship wrinkles in a year after they've told that initial story with a few added cutaway glances between Juliet, Goodwin, and Harper.

Yay, stumbling on bludgeoned Kate... more love triangles! More! And Juliet ran away. Sigh.

Yes, Ben. Let's have it. 38-15-28 locker combination. Why couldn't it be numbers (I mean, more than one of them)? The 2004 Red Sox are the people whose boat it is? OMG. They broke the curse and DOOMED US ALL. Or not, Ben taped over the game (BUT WHY NOT JUST USE A DIFFERENT TAPE?) Also, VHS is so 1990s.

I swear to god, this is the only show on TV where I'm ever intensely interested by what the characters are watching on TV.

So... it's Papa Widmore's boat? Wow. Good thing they killed Alan Dale's character off on Ugly Betty and freed him up for more Lost guest spots, isn't it!?

Ben makes a good point (doesn't he always). So... how does Charles Widmore know about the Island? Last week he got the journal of the first mate from the Black Rock. But he'd have to have found out about it earlier, but how? And how exactly does one exploit the power of the Island, though? Answers, I'm sure, before the series ends. And Locke asks who Ben's man on the boat is (hasn't he been watching the opening credits and asking where the fuck Harold Perrineau is?)


I have never been more displeased. EVER. It's like the universe wants to add to the cliffhanging, act-breaking suspense. Well, I'll find it somehow before the night is out...

It's not fair. IT'S NOT FAIR.

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