Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All's Right With The (Idol) World

Two of the three people who should've gone home based on Tuesday's performances did (I'll admit, I did need a bit of convincing from friends that Jasmine would be eliminated, but in watching her performance again and the critique and taking into account the fact that America didn't vote her through the first time... "meh" just ain't enough).  Jorge versus Anoop... Anoop was obviously going to win in viewers between those two.  Glad that I was wrong about Michael's decent early performance would be forgotten and people wouldn't feel the fervent need to vote him forward.

... how many pairs for glasses does Danny have?

BTW, Kelly Clarkson's new album has a bunch of filler, but just as many radio-ready hits (in both uptempo pop and power ballad forms... including a song co-written by Judge Kara DioGuardi and Katy Perry that is pretty rocking and has a really sweet message you wouldn't expect from Ms. I Kissed A Girl).  Yay, Original Flavor!  And I know she's totally not into the whole "stick figure pop starlet" thing... but, honey, you could kinda stand to lose 20 pounds... I mean, you're beautiful.  But... anyway. I hope the contestants were taking notes. Kelly even schools Pretty Princess with that signature breathy-throaty-growl and her sheer power, control, tone, and presence.

Wait, so they're going to bring back former Idols every week to perform?

... does that mean we're going to have to listen to TAYLOR HICKS!?  DEAR LORD NO.  Hopefully it's just former Idol contestants who have made a music career.


Marc said...


It's your blog so you can say whatever you want but why does every pop star have to be stick figure thin. I think it's a great message to young girls that she is not. I think she looks great

Travis Yanan said...

When Kelly won, she wasn't stick figure thin, and she was absolutely a knock-out. I don't want her to do what Carrie did after she won, which was become a skeleton for a little while (thankfully, Carrie is much healthier now).

Anonymous said...

Kelly's skin looked bad and her hair looked greasy. She was a proactive spokespeson at one point, so the skin should be better. I think Kelly needs new people working with her on her look. In the right clothes she would look great.