Thursday, March 5, 2009




But I'm alright with all four of the peeps who got through.  8 guys and 5 girls.  Feels a bit off after two seasons of 6-and-6.


Glee promo!  WOOOOOOOO!  And OMG I totally said "they're going to premiere it after the Idol performance finale."  AND THEY ARE.


They're saving the REST of the series for fall.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

It's a risky move.  It has a lot of potential to pay off and a lot of potential to fall flat on its face.  I gotta hand it to Fox, though.  It's different.  And it's probably better than a summer season that would be ignored / treated as burn off.  This way, potentially, people fall in love with Glee on May 19th, Fox promotes it all summer, releases a DVD of the pilot in early September, and commits a significant amount of its fall launch muscle to relaunching the show in a regular timeslot (a thought... Tuesday @ 9pm, so that it stay in the same timeslot when Idol returns in January 2010? or if House is staying on Mondays @ 8pm, then Mondays @ 9pm in the fall, then when Idol and 24 return in January, it moves to either Tuesday or Wednesday after Idol).

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