Sunday, March 22, 2009

And They Have A Plan

Dave Williams' plan, per the teaser of Desperate Housewives, is really, really, really, really dumb. Would he really need YEARS to plan that? And how could he have spent years planning to kill Katherine Mayfair when Katherine and Mike only recently started dating? Dammit, show, get your continuity straight!

... still not as dumb as the Cylons' plan.

Dammit, Bree, you shouldn't need a pep talk from Andrew to realize Orson is being a dickwad and you shouldn't sell your company. C'mon, Bree, you were always a strong woman. This "I believe in traditional values" defense is so very flimsy. Yes, Bree, by referring to you, I mean the writers. This plot is ridiculous and I'm sad that Bree is saddled with it/Orson.

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