Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh, And

It would be nice if, when something live airs, say, 10+ minutes long on the east coast, if Time Warner Cable would change the recording time for the west coast airing 3 hours later... that'd be great.

I'm talking to you, American Idol (which didn't even air the final TWO wildcard selects until the 9pm hour) and America's Best Dance Crew (which I couldn't record at 10pm, so started recording at 11pm, but the 10pm airing ran long... and right at 11pm was the "crowning moment" ... finale suspense ruined!)

Incidentally, sorry Beat Freaks!  You ladies kicked butt... however based on last week's two performances, it was Quest Crew.  And they've been amazing, too, pretty much all season.  We'll get a girl crew as the winner of this competition, yet!

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