Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just What I Like In My Fantasy TV

Tonight's Legend of the Seeker ("Deception") had it all (except Zedd, who I honestly think brings the series down so he frankly wasn't missed).

The show finally showed it could break through the faulty, banal source material from whence it sprang. Morally gray areas, turncoats, the question of revenge versus justice, questioning a soldier's worth, interesting (if still predictable) turns...

I won't go so far as to say it was thoroughly brilliant television, but as far as this series has gone, it was DAMN good. I highly recommend you find a way to watch it. This episode is completely stand-alone and mythology-free (aside from the broad strokes of "Richard is the Seeker, he's fighting some big evil guy named Darken Rahl, and he travels with a woman named Kahlan who is a 'Confessor,' (and her purpose in addition to all of her powers are established within the episode so you don't have to know going in)."

For fanboys of the novels, it probably won't be as high on the list as "Denna" (which was certainly the best episode of LotS before tonight). But I think on a purely "this is an adaptation of a series of novels and it breaks away from those novels" POV, this was the superior episode.

Too bad the show goes into a few weeks of repeats now!

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