Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top 9

I still don't really know what the theme of this week is. Popular digital downloads...

Gonna speed through tonight, have a lot of other stuff to watch tonight (and just got home form a three hour script session... yay, so many notes... but mostly in a good, inspiring way)

Anoop - "Hung Up" - Not the Usher song I'd have chosen if I were choosing to sing an Usher song. Why doesn't Anoop smile while performing? He seems to sneer when going on runs. Kinda odd for me. I love Kara's take on Anoop's take.

Megan - "Turn Your Lights Down Low" - She loves the song. I don't know the song. I'm so over her nasally atonal voice. And her "dancing." She should've chosen "I'm Like A Bird" by Nelly Furtado. Just saying. Oh, Kara's suggestion for Adele's "Chasing Pavement" is a good call! I love that Kara is becoming the audience's new Simon! Yay! Boo!!!! I'm convinced the show could fire Randy and Paula and the show would not only be just fine, but would be better. Okay, leave Paula because Simon needs someone to berate.

Danny - "What Hurts The Most" - I want him to sing the Cascada version of the song instead of the Rascal Flatts'. I'm so tired of these contestants being genuine. Can't someone have a good, uptempo fun time AND be a great singer? Danny sings it very well, but I'm kinda over his schmaltz (maybe it's because Scott has drained my patience).

Allison - "Don't Speak" - Didn't know/remember she played guitar. Brilliant song choice. Not-quite-up-to-par performance. I wanted it to be haunting. It was good, but not haunting. I wish when the chorus kicked in she had stayed with the guitar and left the percussion out of it (that would've been very a David Cook move). Simultaneously, the ending worked for me, so just the transition from subdued-guitar-performance to rock-belting was rough. Love ya, Allison, but this wasn't your best. Paula calls Allison's guitar an "ax" and I die. I. Die.

Scott - "Just The Way You Are" - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I can't even watch the performance. I must fast forward. The judges liked it. Dammit. Whatever. OVER IT. Who painted Scott's hair, like, orange, and made it stand up like that? FIRE THEM.

Matt - "You Found Me" - If you're going to choose a Grey's Anatomy soundtrack band, why not go for the big hit ("How To Save A Life") or, like, the be-all-end-all of Grey's music ("Chasing Cars", yes, I know, not The Fray)? Anyway. He's singing and playing the piano in the middle of a group of girls. The wha~!? Like Anoop, this was karaoke with a couple riff-ish things. It's better than Anoop simply because he's playing the piano and honestly doing more interesting things with his hands than with voice (until the end when he dares to go falsetto). Paula uses the word "aborted" and I die. I. Die. Shockingly, I agree with Paula, after Matt was eviscerated for singing Coldplay, why sing Coldplay-lite? Matt should've sung JT's "Cry Me A River." Agree with Simon/Randy on OneRepublic's "Apologize" (though, again, I wish people would sing "Say (All I Need)" which is an AWESOME song that never got US attention).

Lil - "I Surrender" - Wig #2! At least her hairpiece choice is right on. Our first Celine take in the finals this season (and, blissfully, by the only female finalist who has the chops to maybe pull it off). Why didn't she bust out Mary J Blige's "No More Drama"? That could've been a "Summertime" moment (I think MJB's Grammy 2002 performance is AMAZING). Yeah, I know, she auditioned to MJB and has been compared to her... so what!? Man, Simon mentions MJB's cover of U2's "One." Damn, I love that cover.

Adam - "Play That Funky Music" - This is a Most Downloaded? Loves it. Sweet Jesus, Princess is wearing bell bottoms (or at least some big-ass-boot cut slacks). Not loving the hair tonight. It doesn't fit with, um, "funky." Paula puts Princess in the same league as Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger. So, basically, the screeching-high-pitched-rock-belters. Compliment, what?

Kris (PIMP SPOT) - "Ain't No Sunshine" - OMG we're already done! I love that the show isn't 120 minutes any longer. YAY. Kris plays the piano, too. Matt and Scott, consider your territory encroached upon! So, tonight, thanks mostly to Adam just having fun instead of trying to fully knock it outta the park... Kris wins the night (though Adam is close... c'mon, folks, we all know who wins this season, right...?)

Bottom 3: Anoop, Matt, Megan (going home)


Nathan said...

Any full pilot reviews today please?

Travis Yanan said...


Should be able to get a few up tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.