Thursday, March 5, 2009


Oh, yeah.  We haven't really visited the on-Islanders since Locke went down the well and Charlotte died.  Thanks a lot, Ajira 316.  Anyway.




I've been haven't some e-mail discussions with friends about when the on-Islanders are (how long ago did they skip to) and there's been some who thought it was 1954 (when the US Army came), some who thought the 1970s because of Jack/Kate/Hurley seeing Jin and the Dharma Bus at the end of 316, and others who thought it took them very, very, very far back.  It's looking like the "long, long ago" wins (sidenote: yay! I win!)

So Locke turns the donkey wheel (which had been going back and forth, much like Daniel analogized, like a needle skipping on a record player).  Presumably that "fixes" things.  But since we've seen Jin (and Daniel) in the 1970s, has everyone been launched to the 1970s?  Forever?

HAHAH, the well is filled in when Sawyer tries to jump in.  That was awesome.

So, the on-Islanders are going to wait "as long as it takes" for Locke (et al) to come back.  If time runs at a constant rate, then... oh, shut up, Travis and watch the damn show.  There's a "Three Years Later" card anyway.  Which brings us to the 1970s!  Dharma!  Pearl!  Not-Blowed-Up-Barracks!  LaFleur = SAWYER.  He shaved, he did!  REIKO AYLESWORTH!  I miss Michelle Dessler.

OMG, Charlotte died and her corpse was left in the Ancient Island Time.

The last two episodes were very linear.  I'm curious to see why the writers chose going back and forth between 1974 and 1977 instead of just doing a linear episode again.

"Thanks anyway, Plato."  Oh, Sawyer.  I've missed your nicknaming.

The Truce!  Is this is episode where we finally learn about Other/Dharma politics/history?

Damn, you've think Daniel, even in his grief-stricken state, would know to not cross a sonic fence when he saw one.  Love Juliet using her knowledge of the future to her advantage.  Go, character, go!

Touché, Reiko.  Touché.  Earplugs.  Genius!  Also kind of lame for a way to foil the sonic fence?

Love that Juliet, after 3+ years, can just jump right into natal specialist mode.  Also, I'm super curious to find out what happened to make it so that women can't bring babies to term in the future... present... past?

Jin speaks perfect English (finally).

Juliet delivered the baby.  She has hope!  Yay!  Now I'm even more super curious about what happens to make that nigh impossible (I'm using the word "nigh" a lot lately...)

Aw, Young Charlotte!  When do we see Young(er/ish) Ben?

Miles is very eager to leave.  Wasn't he all "I'm staying on the Island" at the end of S4?

What *did* happen to Jughead?  Officially?  It's buried and that's where the Swan was built, yes?  No?

We'll see how over Kate Sawyer is... won't we?  Also... Sawyer/Juliet!

Why is there no Lost next week?  Boo-urns, DWTS?  Also, funny that the ABC announcer says "back to the 70s" for a new Life on Mars.  Y'know, considering...

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Anonymous said...

Because in order to finish the season with a 2 hour episode on May 13th. there needs to be 2 breaks. Next week at 9 is "laFleur" enhanced. April 22nd is a clip show.