Friday, March 13, 2009

Old Times

I haven't watched ER in years.  I think I stopped right around the time Romano got his arm chopped off by a helicopter.

Watching on hulu now.  Given the wind down to the finale, I was going to try and jump back in at some point via the internet and then make the decision about whether I was going to record the remaining episodes left in glorious HD.

This episode is certainly making a strong case.

I missed Nurse Carol and Dr. Ross.  Nice to know, 10 years later, what they're up to.  And it's interesting to see so many familiar background faces (mostly the nurses) despite the doctors all changing.

I hope the show doesn't will Carter off.  That would be very depressing.

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Anonymous said...

I stopped watching ER before Romano lost his arm , but I did have to see how the show felt with the old cast returning. It was wonderful. They seemed to effortless slip back into their roles. I don't think I will bother with the remaining episodes. It will be about characters I don't know.