Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Jackson 13

Yay, main stage!  Awkward judge introductions!  Right off the bat live technical mistakes!

So, um, who's the unlucky contestant who sings "Billie Jean"?  And Kris obviously can't sing "Man In The Mirror."  Amusing that someone (can't remember who, they didn't make it through) was heavily criticized for daring to sing a Michael Jackson song and... it's Michael Jackson catalogue night!  Yay!

One request: let Adam Lambert sing "Scream."  He can sing both the Michael AND the Janet parts.

I think it would've been better to hold the Double Elimination episode for later.  That's just me.  Maybe it's a budget / airing duration thing.

Lil Rounds - "The Way You Make Me Feel."  Did she steal Paula's asymmetrical one-shoulder ruffle thing?  Whatev, Lil makes it work... ish?  She's a little intense with the camera stares a couple times.  This isn't a big song, vocally... but she finds a way to work with it.  And I kinda enjoyed her dancing?  Better than the Megan Corkrey... whatever she calls that hand swaying motion.  Great way to start the evening.  We've got a semi-lucid Paula, who compliments the glam squad then says it's like angels singing.  And we've got slip-of-the-tongue Simon who wants 5 minutes with Lil to sort her out (she'd be better with the same colors without that GODDAMN RUFFLE SHOULDER).  And Ryan has started to address the IDOLS00/IDOLS13 sex phone line controversy by saying "be extra careful."  Lulz.

Scott MacIntyre - "Keep the Faith."  I recently read something that said if Scott weren't blind, he wouldn't be in the Top 13.  After this performance (yay, piano), I kinda agree?  Glam squad... where are you?  DO SOMETHING WITH HIS HAIR.  Kara mentions that it's not the most obvious Michael Jackson song, but it's about the message... on that, I disagree.  It was too schmaltzy for me.  But I am impressed he learned the piano in one week, with everything else going on with being the Top 13.  Paula is lucid about the song's composer... and then loopy with remembering a conversation with Simon that didn't take place!  Loves it.

Danny "Stop Talking About My Dead Wife, Please" Gokey - "P.Y.T."  Now this is a Jacko song you can sing the crap outta.  Is it just me or is he kind of shouty-not-quite-gospel?  That said... it's awesome.  And boy is using the stage and the audience.  Energy!  On my feet!  Fun!  Wow!  WTF is Paula talking about?  Agree with Randy that the uptempo was a surprise... and a welcome one.

Michael Sarver - "You Are Not Alone." Sucks to follow that act, let alone without a commercial break!  Also, sidenote, I know there are a lot of contestants, but where are the REALLY BIG HITS?  This isn't going to be another of those stupid "using the other half of the same artist's songbook next week" like last season's Beatles disaster for the Top 11, is it?  Michael misses a couple notes throughout, unfortunately (surprisingly, Simon doesn't directly call him on that... though, yes, Michael is very heartfelt).  He's one of the mid-range people I just like... but this didn't do it for me.  By "one of the best so far," I assume Randy meant "better than Scott"?

Jasmine Murray - "I'll Be There."  Jasmine's mom seems so much more supportive and less of a stage parent than David Archuleta's dad was.  Back to Jasmine... I was hoping she'd do something uptempo.    But after last week getting the compliments that she can handle big songs, I understand her wanting to power ballad belt.  She's a bit pitchy, but I loved the falsetto note at the end.  If Jasmine makes it through (Randy's "Not that bad, really" is such a non-compliment), she MUST sing something modern and uptempo... and if the theme doesn't allow it, she MUST make a song modern and uptempo.  Listen to Simon!

Kris Allen - "Remember the Time."  OMG what's that thing on his cheek.  MAKE UP!  Chris's video package says he has a wife (of five months!  wow!)... and there goes the female fan contingent voting for the cute guy (only not because, women out there, you can totally steal him... :eyeroll:).  Anyway.  Guitar!  This is so much better than his "Man in the Mirror"!  Kris is growing on me as a dark horse.  He wasn't featured at all, but he can make this all very fun!  His voice isn't the best of the bunch, like Michael, and I don't see him winning.  But perform like this and he'll make it pretty damn far and certainly score some major-Indie contract.  I hope Kris sabotaged the other contestants.  What did he help them with??  OMG what is going on between Paula and Simon??  Randy: "Very well job done, baby."  Snerk.

Allison Iraheta - "Give In To Me."  Love the teased hair.  Allison is transforming herself into Rock Chick.  Yay, glad there's going to be one of those this season.  Question... where are the REALLY BIG HITS?  Love that Allison is responding to Simon's "it's a bit serious" with "it's not a very happy song."  Nailed him!

Anoop Desai - "Beat It."  Ah.  Here are the big hits.  I adore his parents.  He's got personality in his video packages... but honestly besides some showmanship walking around like a rockstar, his voice is pretty pain?  Patrick Stump did this song better in the Fall Out Boy cover.  I predict a "karaoke" critique?  OMG AND THE KARAOKE CRITIQUE COMES FROM PAULA.  PAULA GETS A BOO.  AND SHE RELISHES IT.  And the critique goes downhill from there.

Jorge Nuñez - "Never Can Say Goodbye."  The opening of this performance has the EXACT same tone and tempo as Elton John from last week.  PLEASE.  Someone call this out for hotel lounge/cruiseshippery, or at least, like, Barry Manilow opening actness.  I feel like the show has de-Latin-ed Jorge.  Where was the passion the judges loved from him.  Jorge said he had no choice for the week (which he means he was forced into a theme, as he later said he picked the song).  Hahah, Simon says "You sort of did" when Jorge says "I wasn't going to sing 'Bad' by Michael Jackson."  BRITISH WIT YAY.

Megan (Joy) Corkrey - "Rockin' Robin."  Fun but hokey.  I have nothing else to say.  Okay, the graphics on the background screen were SO retro-kitsch.

Adam Lambert - "Black or White."  Oh, sad, he's not doing "Scream."  Still, this'll be fun.  Dear lord, please let the best shot we have at an openly(ish) gay American Idol TONE IT DOWN from two weeks ago.  I'm so glad he's not wearing all black again.  Go glam squad!  Yay, making a big deal of the "equality" lyric!  Okay... he toned it down... a bit... Much less camera mugging for one.  Far fewer rock shriek intonations.  Adam is a consummate performer and I refuse to fault him for that.  Oh, don't make the pretty princess cry, Paula.  After Kara says "I hope Michael Jackson is watching tonight" Adam mouths "I love him!"  Aw, princess!  The show (er, Paula...) has now predicted, tonight, a Danny vs Adam finale.  We'll see... but that's a probable pairing.

Matt Giraud - "Human Nation."  Yay, piano!  Wait, I already said that.  There's a MARKED difference between Matt behind the piano and Matt not behind the piano.  Smooth, solid, but kinda unmemorable... maybe I just haven't turned on Adam Lambert's performance yet.

Alexis Grace (PIMP SPOT) - "Dirty Diana."  Glad they gave this slot to Alexis, since they couldn't give it to Lil/Danny/Adam again (yet).  She performed so long ago it's hard to remember her!  Wow, so all three of the women on the show (Jasmine and Allison are girls at 17 and 16...) are mothers.  I'm loving the purple/pink backlighting semi-silhouetting Alexis.  There are some moments where the backing vocals are too loud and it sounds like Alexis is off the beat (though she's not).  Kara: "You're a naughty girl, and I liked that."  Give out the sex phone line numbers!  IDOLS36... ok... lame...?

DVR cut off before the clip reel.  Whatevs!

Ringers: All did as expected.

Also: Allison gets this week's "top of the rest of the pack" award

Bottom three: Anoop, Jorge, Michael.

Going home... by performance it'd be Anoop but I just don't know.  I don't think so.  I also don't think Jorge leaves yet.  So... Michael?  He went early in the program and wasn't critiqued to the point that fans would vote for him thinking he was in danger (not that Michael is as good, but see Carly Smithson last season, after weeks of poor critique, she gets a good critique and is eliminated).

EDIT: I forgot about the double elimination.  Jasmine will certainly be in danger tonight, as well as the above 3.

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