Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Thought on Dollhouse

So we're four episodes into this series (waiting for episode six to see what the difference is).  And a central, important question persists (okay, several do).

Why hire an Active?

Why not hire, say, an actual midwife?  Or an escort?  Or a hostage negotiator?

Why spend what is implied to be a LOT more money to hire an Active through the Dollhouse?

I understand, actually, when you're doing something illegal, because no memory would be left of the crime committed (I haven't actually watched a ton of last night's episode, yet, so I dunno what the rationale behind hiring Echo-as-safe-cracker was).  Or have, like, a rape fantasy you want to carry out so you give certain instructions for an imprint, rape the Active, 

... apparently, I'm a horrible human being with a very dark imagination.


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Anonymous said...

I watched one episode and was out for this show. I loved Buffy and Angel, but that doesn't give Joss Whedon a free pass. I don't like any of the characters and Joss has never been good at plotting. His
pastshows have always shined in character and dialogue. I didn't see anything to give me hope.