Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who Is Really Getting Screwed By Obama's Primetime Speech Next Week?

ABC. That's who.


Well, because Obama is speaking on Tuesday, Idol is moving its performance show to Wednesday and the results show to Thursday.

Meaning week two of ABC's new Wednesday comedy block will face Idol instead of just Lost on hump day.

But, more importantly, the debuts of ABC's new Thursday night comedies are directly against the Idol machine.

So, good luck to you, In the Motherhood and relocated Samantha Who? We'll be paying more attention to your second week's ratings that your first week's... at least, I will.


mike said...

I was thinking of this since Fox announced their plans, ABC can't really leave them there to premiere against AI, right? They have to move them. I still don't understand why they weren't premiering tonight anyway against March Madnesss. No Survivor, and 2 weeks with an orginal GREYS,next week is the last original GREYS until April 23rd.

If I were ABC I would give The Thursday comedies 2 lead ins next week - after DH and after GREYS. Move B&S to the next sunday - 3/29 instead of the DH rerun scheduled at 10pm (following a 2 hour EM:HE) and move the PP until May sweeps so the last ep airs May 7th instead of April 30th (and move the Michael J Fox special scheduled at May 7th at 10p, to another night). I would also put the Wednesday comedies after DWTS next week (instead of PRIMETIME). Expecting the Wed comedies 2nd week and Thursday comedies premiere week to go against IDOL makes no sense.

mike said...

ABC has been promoting ITM/SW for 8pm so they clearly have not intention of changing their mind. I think they should re-air them again at 10pm after GREYS which looks like its gonna be an amazing hour of television, especially after this weeks had me in tears throughout