Monday, March 2, 2009

Chalk Up Another Victory For The Misleading Promo Department

So, wait, who died on Brothers & Sisters' 2-hour movie event that promoted a "shocking death"?

Um, no one.



Thanks to the promo department I was expecting NOTHING to happen to Robert and for the whole thing to be one massive mislead until someone else bit the big one.  And then I was thinking that the incumbent governor spiked Robert's drink with something (yay, poison).  And then I was thinking that Holly would smother Baby Elizabeth Walker while "babysitting" for Julia as she was lured away to the hospital because of her husband's sister's adopted child's birth / her husband's sister's husband's medical incident.

Whatever.  The show itself, on its own merits and without the promo department evil, was better than the series has been much of this season, what with the big, overly dramatic musical montages and the constant heart-string-tugging.

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