Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pilot Script Reviews... Forthcoming!

I've completed reading (at least) one draft of all of the drama pilots being shot for Fall 2009 contention (okay, almost all... some were not available to me). I'm not a comedy writer, so haven't really looked at the comedies (though, once pilot screens roll out, I'll certainly weigh in on them). As time allows over the next week or two, I'll be doing a more detailed review of each script. But, too whet your appetite, here is a very cursory overview. Remember, these reviews and rankings are based ENTIRELY on the script. Things change both (a) after the draft I may have read - and I will note what draft I'm basing my review off of, and (b) once casting and production is taken into account.

This overview will consist of three categories (though, once I do my detailed reviews, it'll be obvious that there are different degrees within each broad category):
- Thumbs Up (liked the script / looking forward to the screener / in my perfect world it would have a good shot at the schedule)
- Jury's Out (didn't think it was terrible, but have some issues / need to see the finished product to make a decision because the script wasn't enough to sell me / didn't like the script but can see it being improved upon once filmed)
- Thumbs Down (oh, hell, no / terrible, why is this even being shot / will be sucking my thumb asking myself why I'm such a masochist when watching the screener)

Thumbs Up
- Eastwick (ABC)
- Empire State (ABC)
- Flash Forward (ABC)
- The Good Wife (CBS)
- House Rules (CBS)
- Parenthood (NBC)
- Washington Field (CBS)

Jury's Out
- Beautiful Life (CW)
- Day One (NBC)
- Eva Adams (FOX)
- Happy Town (ABC)
- Human Target (FOX)
- Inside The Box (ABC)
- Limelight (ABC)
- Maggie Hill (FOX)
- Mercy (NBC)
- See Cate Run fka I, Claudia (ABC)
- Trauma (NBC)
- US Attorney (CBS)
- V (ABC)
- Vampire Diaries (CW)
- The Body Politic (CW)

Thumbs Down
- A Marriage (CBS)
- Back (CBS)
- Brothers & Detectives (ABC)
- The Eastmans (CBS)
- The Forgotten fka The Unknown (ABC)
- I, Witness (CBS - cast contingent pick up not met yet, so may not get shot)
- Legally Mad (NBC)
- Light Years (CW)
- Lost & Found (NBC)
- Masterwork (FOX)
- Miami Trauma (CBS)
- Past Life fka The Reincarnationist (FOX)
- Three Rivers (CBS)

Not Read / Not Available
- Confessions of a Contractor (CBS - project on hold because of cast contingent pick up not being met)
- Legend aka NCIS Spin Off (CBS - I don't watch NCIS, I wouldn't be able to comment on this)
- Lily aka Gossip Girl Spin Off (CW - script not available)
- Melrose Place (CW - script not available)
- Untitled Dave Hemingson Lawyer Project (ABC - read this script last year and thought it was terrible, so despite redevelopment with a reportedly more dramatic tone... I just couldn't bring myself to print and read it)


Nathan said...

Thanks so much, so excited to see why you liked/did not like all these scripts. Love your take. I am especially interested in See Cate Run. It sounds like it has a lot of potential and almost like a female Eli Stone in a way. Is that about right?

The Hungarian said...

oh, i can't wait.

nooo... three rivers and espcially masterwork is suxx? say it isn't so! typo, plz?:)

Simon said...

I'm curious about Eva Adams.

Anonymous said...

ashton kutcher/the cw's beautiful life (mischa barton, corbin bleu) wasn't available?

Travis Yanan said...


Hm, somehow that didn't make my categories. I did read it. Editing now (it goes in the Jury's Out category, BTW).