Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He's Our You

Sayid-centric!? We're still doing character-centric episodes? Yay/shock.

Young Sayid was a stone killer, yo.

Does it count as a flashback episode if the events on-Island (1978) are taking place roughly at the same time as the off-Island events (or perhaps even, chronologically, before the off-Island events?)

Hm. 11:40pm. I'm wiped (damn you, humpday). I'm gonna sit this commentary out and just watch the show and get to sleep. Here's hoping for a good one!

EDIT: I was worried when the episode seemed to be an all-encompassing series of flashbacks of Sayid. Worried that he was going to die for some reason. That didn't happen. The cliffhanger with him shooting Ben? Awesome. Really wondering about the repercussions of that (did it "already" happen?) But the episode as a whole... lacking. C'mon, Lost.

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