Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Buh Bye

Glad Simon agreed with me on who ought to have been in the Bottom 3. Second time I've been surprised at Allison being in the hot seat.

But thank god for the results. Megan completely flailed when it came to live performance time. Until her elimination, when she brought out the CRAZY FACES. She obviously expected / knew she was going home and had fun, got to say her goodbyes.


Can the show PLEASE bring live group performances back? Or if you're going to pre-tape it... PLEASE don't do it with lip-synching! This show is supposed to be about singing, and yes they aren't being judged on the group numbers, but... COME ON!

Looking forward to "year of your birth" songs next week.

BTW... talk about making a song different / your own... the beginning of Lady Gaga's live-on-Idol version of her own "Poker Face" was CRAY CRAY. Wouldn't have worked on the show as a performance (hi-hokey!)

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