Thursday, April 23, 2009

Next Season - FOX

Ah, FOX. Always having fourth quarter problems. Here's a general suggestion... stop moving the shows that work from where they are in the spring. Take a lesson from CBS and, until Idol and 24 return in the winter, let stability be your friend so that you can market the new shows you're trying out instead of new days and timeslots for your existing shows. I wasn't in love with FOX's drama pilot scripts (outside of Glee, which I didn't read the script of, but saw the pilot and reviewed it ages ago and am in looooooove), so I don't have a ton of specific thoughts on replacement programming to try out.

- 9pm: Glee. The show is already picked up for the fall and will presumably be airing after Idol on Tuesdays in the winter. For the fall, give it the best lead-in available. Then 24 returns in the winter to 9pm. Fox may be tempted to put Maggie Hill, its quirky doctor who has schizophrenia drama, after House but I really do like Glee getting the big lead-in.

- 8pm: Human Target. Probably the least offensive of FOX's fall pilot scripts, it might be a fun, action-adventure block fit with Fringe.
- 9pm: KEEP FRINGE WHERE IT IS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Even though, unlike House and Bones, Fringe isn't a proven performer on its own. When Idol comes around again, Fringe should be moved to make way for Glee.

- I'm not sure what to do with FOX on Wednesday until Idol comes back. Lie To Me is winning its timeslot now... but the competition is nonexistent and LTM slips every week. I don't think FOX will have four live-action sitcoms worthy of the fall schedule (I mean, history dictates it will rarely have even one...), but try out a comedy block, perhaps at 9pm instead of 8pm (where it has failed the last could seasons). For some reason 'Til Death is coming back (though I'd say it's more likely that will be used on Fridays), and I've heard good things about Absolutely Fabulous. At 8pm, Fox might have a reality show up its sleeve that I'm unaware of.

- 9pm: For some reason FOX is airing another cycle of Hell's Kitchen over the summer right after the winter/spring run... I don't get it. Save it for the fall. It's doing well in this highly competitive timeslot! But you can't air three cycles back to back. Anyway, I don't think FOX should try anything scripted here.

- Another comedy block at 8pm, led by 'Til Death? Dollhouse gets at 13-episode reprieve at 9pm? Reality?

- 7pm and 7:30pm: Stick with repeats of the animated comedies. As King of the Hill showed last week, viewers just aren't flocking to Fox at 7pm.
- 8:30pm: American Dad! (it doesn't work as well as it should out of Family Guy, so put it post-Simpsons)
- 9:30pm: Cleveland (like with the Gossip Girl spin-off... popular character gets own show, put it on after the original series and hope it does better than AD! has)

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Nathan said...

I thought Maggie Hill would be nice behind House on Mondays. Human Target before Fringe on Tuesdays. Glee should go with Bones either on Wednesdays or Thursdays.