Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pilot Script Review Summary / Links

The below are listed in alphabetical order by category. Remember, categories are broad, and reviews are based on whatever draft of the script I read, not final shooting scripts.

Thumbs Up
- Eastwick (ABC)
- Empire State (ABC)
- House Rules (CBS)
- Parenthood (NBC)

Jury's Out
- Day One (NBC)
- Eva Adams (FOX)
- Happy Town (ABC)
- Human Target (FOX)
- Limelight (ABC)
- Maggie Hill (FOX)
- Mercy (NBC)
- See Kate Run (ABC)
- Trauma (NBC)
- US Attorney (CBS)
- V (ABC)

Thumbs Down
- A Marriage (CBS)
- Back (CBS)
- The Eastmans (CBS)
- I Witness (CBS)
- Legally Mad (NBC)
- Lost & Found (NBC)
- Masterwork (FOX)
- Miami Trauma (CBS)
- Past-Life (FOX)
- Three Rivers (CBS)

Not Reviewed - Not Read / Not Available
- Confessions of a Contractor (CBS)
- Legend aka NCIS Spin Off (CBS)
- Lily aka Gossip Girl Spin Off (CW)
- Melrose Place (CW)
- Untitled Dave Hemingson Lawyer Project (ABC)


TVBill said...

Awesome job, Travis! Thanks!

Nathan said...

AWESOME. Thanks so much.

Jonwo. said...

Great job Travis, just wondering what shows out of all the scripts you've read and haven't read will be picked up as series from the various networks.