Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tie In!

Lol, the visitor from Fringe is in the Idol audience. Nice one, Fox.

Wow, the show must mean business tonight. No weird rock star judges introduction.

The oldest remaining contestant this season on Idol is only 4 years older than me :'(

I kinda just want to watch the show and not comment on each performance unless it demands it. I mean, come on. This contest is already decided. And everyone else is so boring.


Gokey - "Stand By Me" - I've already kind of forgotten that his wife died. Need a reminder. He's pitchy at the beginning, but once it goes away from gospel it works.

Um, did Ryan just remind the audience that Idol is the number one show in America? Why? This interview with Kris = Kris doesn't know English good.

Kris - "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" - A bubble burst in Kris' ascendance in this competition. This is the least "Kris" performance thus far. Why does he even have that guitar with him? Too funky for this white guy (Lambert previous performance reference zing!) He's won enough fans to push him through.

Lil - "What's Love Got To Do With It" - Lil needs an amazing performance tonight. She's been floundering around the whole finals thus far. This song choice seems a step in the right direction and right category (I mean, versus Celine...) but it doesn't work. Poor Lil. Did she really used to be the frontrunner?

I don't recall this thing post-performance last week Ryan says "we have to talk about." Whatevs.

Anoop - "True Colors" - Zzz? The judges go gaga over it. If that's Anoop's version of "True Colors," it's not something I'd choose to hear again. Except in, like, a "put me to sleep" mix along with every one of Scott's performances?

Scott - "The Search Is Over" - Speaking of... wow, one of the oddest video packages this season. He's got a guitar instead of the piano. But when the song starts, he's not playing it. Weird. I was going to make some sort of "tit-for-tat" comment about how Kris played piano last week. Scott eventually strums out some chords. Having him standing and performance instead of at the piano is awkward, actually, because he's visually impaired and thus doesn't know where the camera is at any time to mug it.

Allison - "I Can't Make You Love Me" - WHAT? NO NIRVANA? I would've died if she sang "Come As You Are." Dunno if it would've been the right song choice, but I'd have died? Unlike Anoop, Allison's slow song didn't bore me to sleep. It was a change of pace because she's usually all rock-edge-crazy.

Matt - "Part Time Lovers" - Well, he's definitely dressed like Justin Timberlake circa 2002 / "Justified"... solid. Judges rush through any critique because...


Oh. Wait. I recorded Fringe. Forgot I had season passed it after the show's post-Idol return in January was much better, quality-wise.

Princess Lambert - "Mad World" - Another stripped down Lambert performance. And his hair's totally under control. ZOMG! Amazing how he out-sings everyone in the competition (by a country mile) while sitting on a chair. He almost gets through the performance without a scream (and, by the Lambert standard, it's really not a scream). Haunting. And almost entirely in falsetto... good lord. Well, we know one of the songs he'll be performing in the finals.

Bottom Three - Lil, Scott (going home??? pweeze?), either Allison (because America doesn't vote for her for some reason...) or Kris (who was sub-awesome tonight)

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