Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grey's Is Back with Sweet Surrender

Yay! Grey's Anatomy is back after a month-long hiatus that felt like a year.

Never thought I'd be excited about this show again... but here I am. Here we are.

Damn you, Shonda.

Oh, thank god, Owen is getting psychological help. Which means Amy Madigan is back!

Oh, cute awkward meet the father lesbian story replete with "run for your life" warning to George (who, 10 minutes in, has actually been in two scenes... wow!)

I'm kinda over Derek and Mark being manemies over Lexie. Seriously kinda over it.

The pediatric case (seriously, the show has been on such an upswing since Jessica Capshaw's Arizona Robbins was brought in on her roller-sneakers and this field of surgery utilized in stories) has Tay-Sachs, which means... a Jewish story? Oh, it must be the Passover season. PS, Tay-Sachs is fatal in children, and this child has lived one or two years longer than she ought to have... you can't fail to pull at the heartstrings with that kind of story.

... the show has created the adjective "cancery." Kudos.

I love Izzie's wedding den / hospital room. And that she plays a prank on Cristina in order to get Meredith to try on wedding rings (but do I sense the girl who cried wolf coming?)

"Hey! Stop speaking Spanish!" XD

What's with Lexie's eating? Is it to justify Chyler Leigh's pregnancy weight (they are definitely shooting her from the chest up)?

Yeah, Derek... thinking that the Chief could be your best man at your wedding to Meredith... not a good call.

Dude. That guy crashing through the 3rd or 4th story window and onto a car (that was parked curiously close to / inside the ambulance bay...) was kinda awesome. Dude. George has a story this week. Trauma suits him... after all, he did that heart surgery in the elevator that time by himself.

Don't get up off that bed, Izzie Stevens you IDIOT.

I can't even talk about the Callie's father storyline. I refuse to.

That scene with Bailey talking to the father about the terminal child (who is laying in a hospital bed with Bailey) was heartbreaking... if overly whispery. Oh, accepting the inevitable...

GOOD FOR YOU, CALLIE. It's going to feel like crap, but you did the right thing for you.

Don't like Owen using the "jumping in front of a car" metaphor (from his medical case, you know?) for him "wrecking" Cristina by dating her. Too on the nose. Well, Grey's Anatomy in its heyday often was too on the nose... so this really is a return to form!

"You can stop eating now." "Oh, thank god."

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