Thursday, April 23, 2009

Next Season - NBC

Who the hell knows with NBC in the Jay Leno era!? Not to mention that, outside of Tuesday and Thursday, there's no existing launching pads to remotely safely program new series.

- 8pm: Parenthood.
- 9pm: Law & Order: SVU (this is one of the only places CBS doesn't have a crime show)

- 8pm: Biggest Loser... but a 90 minute version.
- 9:30pm: Get a sitcom tryout slot in here.

- 8pm: Medical drama (either Mercy or Trauma). I wouldn't have thought a medical drama could work at 8pm, but House has... then again, it was a hit before moving to 8pm. On the other hand... NBC just doesn't have anywhere else to put a medical show.
- 9pm: Law & Order (original flavor). Actually, if it's Trauma (probably too gory for 8pm), L&O at 8pm and Trauma at 9pm.

- 8pm: new sitcom (8:30-10pm stay as they are now with Parks & Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock)

- 8pm: game show hour (where has Deal or No Deal been lately?)
- 9pm: Friday Night Lights in the spring... for fall, a 13-episode order of Medium (or Chuck... I'm going to be pushing for this, but I think Sundays instead of Fridays)?

Sunday (post-football):
- 8pm: Chuck (13-episodes to wrap up... please?) Or possibly Day One, but I didn't love the script and it's so special effects heavy that I need to see the screener before a making judgment.
- 9pm: Heroes (final season for 18-20 episodes, a few two-hour nights)
- 10pm: Southland (of all the NBC cop shows, I just can't see this as a 9pm show...) Unfortunately that means leaving it off the schedule for 8 months... but I don't see an option without a 10pm slot elsewhere.


Nathan said...

I think NBC will go with Parenthood and Trauma. Trauma would pair up with Southland nicely. Maybe on Mondays since CBS does not have any dramas there. I think Parenthood would be nice after TBL on Tuesdays but I doubt it would happen.

Travis Yanan said...

If you put Trauma and Southland together (on Mondays), where does SVU go? Paired up with L&O Mothership on Wednesdays?

I could see Parenthood after TBL, but can you imagine NBC letting TBL go down to one-hour? TBL is NBC's highest rated show in the demo despite airing against Idol for half of its 120 minutes. Depends on NBC's comedy development, too... they may not have 2 comedies they want to premiere in the fall and so might keep TBL at 120 minutes anyway.

Nathan said...

I doubt NBC would do Parenthood with TBL but I think they would have similar audiences with the woman. Here is a quick dream schedule:

M: Trauma, Southland (or visa versa)
T: Biggest Loser, Parenthood
W: Day One or Heroes, SVU
T: New Comedy, Parks and Rec, Office, 30 Rock
F: Howie Do it, Medium

Chuck and Heroes or Day One midseason, with Legally Mad.

Anonymous said...

Me once again
By Hey

Monday Night
8pm Parenthood
9pm Southland (I believe that the show could fit in the 9pm slot)

Tuesday Night
8pm The Biggest Loser
9:30pm New Comedy
(TBL extend 2 hours when American Idol premieres + midseason a shorter series of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’)

Wednesday Night
8pm Special Victims Unit
9pm Mercy/ Trauma
(one of the medical pilots or other drama series)

Thursday Night
8pm SNL Specials// Parks and Recreation
(no election next year I know but to maybe get some attention to the new 8:30 comedy, PAR launch late October)

8:30 New Comedy series

9pm The Office
(maybe a smaller amount of episodes ordered this season, instead of 29 maybe 22-24 episodes?)

9:30 30 Rock (hopefully will continue to grow)

Friday Night
8pm Medium
9pm Chuck (it deserves a pick up)

Sunday Night
Sept= Football, Jan– May=
8pm Day One
(work out some of the script troubles by then?)
9pm Legally Mad
(same as Day One)
10pm Heroes
(there’s no where else!)

Law and Order (the finale season, hopefully)